High Quality Latitude Coffee

High Quality Private Label Coffee

Thank you for your interest in offering Latitude Coffee! We support producers, exporters, and businesses in making each cup an authentic, quality experience. Our focus is to deliver an exceptional product by encouraging our allied farms around the world to consistently produce the highest quality coffee.

Your story, our expertise

At Latitude Coffee, we provide coffee roasting and co-packing services for brands of any size — whether you’re a craft or national brand, retail chain, local coffee shop, or e-commerce entrepreneur. Our vision is to become the go-to choice for brands that want to give unique value to their customers.

With 20 years of coffee roasting experience, we can help you create a shelf-ready coffee product in just weeks. Thanks to our facilities and professionals, we can package your coffee into regular bags, K-Cups and more, grind to your exact specifications, and toll roast your green beans.

We offer a variety of house blend coffees and flavor profiles that can fit any tastes, and have several flavored coffee options to further entice your taste buds, including salted caramel, chocolate decadence, and the always popular pumpkin spice.

To get started,  just contact us and we'll be there to assist you along the way!


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